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2. Evolution of Colombia's Film Industry

  • Attendance at Colombian films increased by 13% in 2012, for a total of 392,000 more spectators than the year before.

  • The percentage of Colombian films rose by 24% in 2012 due to the additional five Colombian films released as compared to the year before.

  • There is no direct correspondence between the number of releases and the attendance figures. Films with high box office numbers like Muertos del Susto (2007), Infraganti (2009) and El Paseo (2010) are year-end releases that generally bring in more admissions in the first semester of the next year of their release.

  • The attendance index at the close of 2012 represented an 8.3% increase over last year.

  • The number of spectators as well as the number of copies per film increased, something that did not happen since 2007.

  • Average ticket prices in 2012 rose by 10 cents, or 2.3%, in real terms, continuing a trend that has remained constant since 2009.

  • Cinepolis, unlike other principal exhibitors, experienced a rise in box office and spectator shares.
  • The box office and spectator shares of theaters grouped into the "OTHERS" category have risen steadily.

  • Three of the five biggest box office successes in 2012 were rated G and screened in 3D

  • Two films by Dago García Producciones are among those ranked in 2012. The film "El paseo 2" was released December 25, 2012 and brought in 478 thousand spectators in a single week, beating out "The Hobbit", which brought in only 195 thousand during its first week. The majority of the box office of "El Paseo 2" will be calculated in 2013.