Director: Gustavo Bolívar
  • GenreFicción / Comedia
  • Duration95 minutes
  • Year2017
  • Release date06 de Abril
  • Cast
    • Marcela Mar/Caroline
    • Gregorio Pernia/Ethan
    • Fabián Ríos/Fabián Ríos
    • Nanis Ochoa /Samantha
    • Francisco Bolívar/Gilberto Riascos
    • Daniel Patiño/Dylan
    • Gabriela Ancona /Charlotte
    • Jason Lizarazo/Abogado Carter
    • Sonya Rico/Sofía
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What happens when a couple of ex-husbands must share, by force, the same house for five years and one day? Will it apply the old adage that where there was fire ashes remain? That is precisely the House for Prison, the new film by Gustavo Bolivar.

The movie begins when Ethan, a successful newly divorced businessman, is caught at the airport entrance for fake dollars, and is sentenced to pay 5 years and one day at home, the same where his ex-wife and his two children.

From there all sorts of funny situations occur, as his ex-wife will do everything possible to win him back, supported by his daughter, while he confused Ethan will be undecided between maintaining the relationship with his stunning girlfriend, 15 years younger than him, or Succumb to the temptation represented by an ex-wife who day after day looks more beautiful and invents all kinds of tricks to keep him by her side.


Nationality Colombia
Release date 06 de Abril
Number of screens Cine Colombia 15; Cinemark 6; Procinal 10; Royal Films 4; Cinepolis 3; Otros 7
Format cap Digital
Format pr DCP
Color Color
Sound Dolby 5.1
Marta Nieto Marta Nieto Script
Gustavo Bolívar Gustavo Bolívar Screenplay
Había una vez Films Había una vez Films Production
Three Trees Films Three Trees Films Production
L. Felipe Español L. Felipe Español Producer
Fabián Ríos Fabián Ríos Producer
Gustavo Bolívar Gustavo Bolívar Producer
L. Felipe Español L. Felipe Español Executive Producer
Henry Albadan Henry Albadan Director of photography
Four Notes Four Notes Music
Virgina Romero Virgina Romero Edition
Andrés Santos Andrés Santos Edition
Fox Telecolombia Fox Telecolombia Edition
Cinecolor Cinecolor Edition
Distributed by Cine Colombia S.A.
Phone Number : (57-1) 3239444
Address : Carrera 13 No. 38 - 85, Bogotá - Colombia
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