• Director:

  • Genre:

    Documental / Todas

  • Duration:

    90 minutes

  • Year:


  • Cast:

    María Luisa Fuentes Burgos

    María Luisa Fuentes Burgos


Boavita is a rural, conservative, and Catholic village embedded in the Andes and frozen in time: in the foothills of these mountains lives Miss Maria Luisa. She is 45 years old and was born a boy. Behind what appears to be just another life mired in gender and identity conflicts lies a bitter, unimaginable family history, its deepest roots seasoned with hatred. And the scapegoat in this story has always been our Miss, even before she set foot in this world. And yet her power is fueled by these same forces –the strength of animals and the mountain. No darkness has ever been able to topple or eclipse her. The horrors of rural life in Colombia with all its morality have done nothing but increase the power of this solitary soul. Shunned from birth, from the womb, she has found in the secrets she holds, in her love of animals, in the labyrinth of her faith, a way of dealing with a world that has done nothing but despite her for reasons beyond her control, reasons that have victimized her from the start. But our Miss is as mighty as a stalk of wheat, impervious even to earthquakes, and although she has known much sorrow, there is none powerful enough to exhaust her tears or wipe away her smile.




  • Nationality: Colombia
  • Release date: November 23 de 2017
  • Lenght: Feature Films
  • Stage: National Released
  • Format cap: Digital
  • Format pr: DCP
  • Color: Color
  • Sound: Dolby 5.1

Exhibición Theatrical Colombia

  • Number of screens:
    Cine Colombia 6
    Cinemark 1
    Procinal 1
    Royal Films 1
    Cinépolis 1
    V.O. cines 1
    Otros 7

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