Results: "Investigation"

  • Diego García Moreno
    Diego García Moreno

    Category: Director, Producer, Director of photography, Screenplay, Investigation

  • Francisco Schmitt
    Francisco Schmitt

    Category: Director, Screenplay, Investigation, Producer

  • Jairo Eduardo Carrillo
    Jairo Eduardo Carrillo

    Category: Director, Screenplay, Producer, Edition, Investigation

  • John Fernando Velásquez
    John Fernando Velásquez

    Category: Director, Producer, Screenplay, Investigation, Director of photography

  • Jorge Navas
    Jorge Navas

    Category: Director, Screenplay, Investigation, Director of photography, Sound

  • Luis Ospina
    Luis Ospina

    Category: Director, Screenplay, Edition, Investigation, Producer, Director of photography, Sound, Executive Producer, Actor / Actress

  • Manuel Ruiz Montealegre
    Manuel Ruiz Montealegre

    Category: Director, Producer, Screenplay, Investigation

  • Marta Rodríguez
    Marta Rodríguez

    Category: Director, Screenplay, Producer, Sound, Executive Producer, Production manager, Investigation