Week 06 to 13 - Jul. 2018

Argentina, Estados Unidos, Brasil, Colombia, España
Julia Solomonoff
102 min

Cinecolor Films


Heartbroken, an actor from Buenos Aires moves to New York City for a promised film role and a new start. When the Project stalls he chooses menial work rather than give up on his acting dreams, a decision that puts him on the level of any other struggling undocumented immigrants, despite his whiteness and connections to the privileged. When he l...

Colombia, Argentina
Vladimir Durán
108 min

Cine Colombia S.A.


Margarita, an unstable mother locks herself in her room. Her children ( Antonia, Alejandra, Alice and Axelito ) keep in touch with her through a window and replay the inherited emotional chaos . Being victims of their own manipulation, they end up organizing a birthday dinner where they reveal , with humor and self confinement as the central image,...



Diamond Films