XV Encarrete Isleo 2022 poster.png


May 23 to 28 - 2022 / San Andrés

The Encarrete Isleño is the first initiative aiming to screen audiovisual projects made by talented young people from the archipelago of San Andres, Providencia and Santa Catalina. The festival featur ...
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Eurocine 2022.png

May 05 to 15 - 2022 / Bogotá, Madellín, Cali, Manizales

Eurocine film is shown auropeo most important in Colombia, each year a country is selected as the event organizer and manager. Europe calls recently produced films for exhibition in Bogota and then th ...
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Yurupar 2022.png

Yuruparí, retrato de un pueblo

April 06 to May 19 - 2022 / Sala de Exposiciones Centro cívico - Universidad de los Andes - Bogotá

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Cinemateca al parque Marzo 2022.png

Cinemateca al parque 2022

March 27 to 27 - 2022 / Parque Metropolitano el Tunal - Bogotá

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61 FICCI.png

Cartagena de Indias International Film Festival

March 16 to 21 - 2022 / Cartagena de Indias (Bolivar)

This is the oldest festival in Latin America. It has a competitive nature specialized Latin American cinema, a condition that gave the International Federation of Film Producers FIAPF. It also has a s ...
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4 MUICA - Muestra Intinerante de Cine Africano

February 22 to 27 - 2022 / Bogotá

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5 Festival Internacional de Cine independiente de Santander.png

February 21 to 25 - 2022 / Santander

SANFICI, a new window for independent cinema and a special opportunity to bring closer Santander´s audience to international independent cinema. ...
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8 Festival cine derechos humanos_Muestra Intinerante.png

8 Festival Internacional de Cine por los Derechos Humanos - Circulación Nacional

February 18 to 22 - 2022 / Medellín - Barranquilla - Baraona - Sabanalarga - Soacha - Bogotá

The International Human Rights Film Festival - Bogota is an initiative examining the current context of conflict, struggle and the legitimacy of human rights in Colombia and the world, through audiovi ...
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