13 Ojo al Sancocho - Festival de Cine y Video Alternativo y Comunitario

October 03 to 10 - 2020 / Edición en linea

The Ojo al Sancocho International Festival of Alternative and Community Film and Video was founded in 2008 as a community-based initiative to democratize culture and audiovisual education in Colombia. ...
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19 Festival de Cine Francés

October 01 to 07 - 2020 / Edición en linea

The French Film Festival, one of the most anticipated events in Colombia's cultural season, has become one of the biggest film events in Colombia. The festival's mission is not only to present a coher ...
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12th Cali International Short Film Festival

September 29 to October 03 - 2020 / Evento en línea

The XII Cali Short Film Festival is a short film festival with a young and irreverent spirit that provides a meeting space between university filmmakers and young people from around the world in Cali. ...
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10 Barichara Green Film Festival

September 17 to August 20 - 2020 / Evento Online

Festiver mainly seeks to raise awareness and sensitize about the environment and the care of natural resources, using the cinema and audiovisual media in general as an effective tool to educate, enter ...
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XI Childhood and Adolescence Film Festival

September 05 to 12 - 2020 / Edición en linea

The XI FILM FESTIVAL: INFANCIA Y ADOLESCENCIA -2020, is a party with spaces for circulation and audiovisual training for boys, girls, adolescents and young people. This year the online version will fe ...
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August 20 to 31 - 2020 / Edición en línea

For the first time, Brazil brings to Colombia its most recent films to take a look at documentary, history, and fiction. Nine films are part of this showcase curated by Eduardo Valente, director of th ...
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5 Festival de Cine de Jardín

August 18 to 22 - 2020 / Edición en línea

The Garden Film Festival is organized by the Antioquia Audiovisual Corporation. This year he is working on the concept of Cine Cuir "In search of a new humanity", which seeks to present from a reflect ...
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August 11 to 14 - 2020 / Edición en linea

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