Director: Victor Gaviria

  • GenreFicción / Drama
  • Duration120 minutes
  • Year2017
  • Release date09 de Marzo
  • Cast
    • Natalia Polo
    • Tito Alexander Gómez
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After being discovered dressing up as a Virgin, Amparo flees the convent in fear of her father’s rage. She lands in a marginal neighborhood of Medelliín as a freeloader at her sister’s house, where she’s introduced to her brother-in-law’s family. Cousin Libardo becomes infatuated with Amparo, sequesters her in a matrimonial rite and then forces her to live under his roof; the Animal’s family, witness to her captivity.

The community, threatened by Libardo, does not intercede in Amparo’s favor, so she’s abandoned to perpetual vigilance. Forced to become the Animal’s wife, Amparo cannot escape bearing his child. Will she, through love and temperance, manage to survive and save her daughter, bringing an end to the cycle of violence her mother also was a victim of?

Libardo moves her to a stolen ranch, where Amparo finds another intimidated woman he has locked up. She discovers herself now, not as a victim but as a witness, experience she refuses to live silently. Confronted with her reflection, Amparo overcomes the fear, liberating herself from the Animal’s grasp.

International Prizes

- Premio Coral a Mejor Director y Mención Especial de Actuación Femenina, 38 Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana, Cuba, 2016.

Participation in Festivals

- Selección Oficial, World Cotemporany Cinema, Festival Internacional de Cine de Toronto -TIFF-, Canadá, 2016.
- Selección Oficial, 11 Festival de Cine de Roma, Italia, 2016.
- Selección Oficial, 8 Festival Internacional de Cine de Cali, Colombia, 2016.
- Selección Oficial, 32 Festival Internacional de Cine en Guadalajara, México, 2017.


Nationality Colombia
Release date 09 de Marzo
Stage Estrenado
Number of screens Cine Colombia 20; Cinemark 3; Procinal 9; Royal Films 2; Cinepolis 3; Otros 3
Format cap Digital
Format pr DCP
Color Color
Sound Dolby 5.1
Locations Medellín
Victor Gaviria Victor Gaviria Screenplay
Polo a Tierra Polo a Tierra Production
Viga Producciones Viga Producciones Production
Daniela Goggel Daniela Goggel Producer
Vladimir Peña Vladimir Peña Executive Producer
Francisco Pulgarín Francisco Pulgarín Executive Producer
Victor Gaviria Victor Gaviria Executive Producer
Erwin Goggel Erwin Goggel Executive Producer
Erwin Goggel Erwin Goggel Executive Producer
Juan Pablo Tamayo Juan Pablo Tamayo Producers Associate
EFD Colombia EFD Colombia Producers Associate
Fílmico Fílmico Producers Associate
Ricardo Duque Ricardo Duque Production desing
Rodrigo Lalinde Rodrigo Lalinde Director of photography
Miller Castro Miller Castro Sound
Daniel Vásquez V Daniel Vásquez V Sound Designer
Luis Fernando Franco Luis Fernando Franco Music
Etienne Boussac Etienne Boussac Edition
Distributed by Cine Colombia S.A.
Phone Number : (57-1) 3239444
Address : Carrera 13 No. 38 - 85, Bogotá - Colombia
Email :


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Pantalla 067 april 01 - 26 / 2017Exhibition Figures
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