6 SiembraFest

December 03 to 07 - 2018 / Villeta, Nocaima, Supatá (Cundinamarca)

The Colombian Countryside Film Festival is a space for the promotion, distribution, and support of national film works. Through our activities, we guarantee the circulation and appropriation of nation ...
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12 Festival Internacional de Cine de Villa de Leyva

November 08 to 12 - 2018 / Villa de Leyva (Boyacá)

The Villa de Leyva International Film Festival is an annual event that contributes to film development and audience cultivation. It is a space for thought, synergy, and innovative activities. The f ...
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7 FICME - Medellín International Short Film Festival

November 06 to 09 - 2018 / Medellín (Colombia)

FICME celebrates the short film’s synthetic abilities, its unaffectedness, its innovative and experimental ideas, and its will and urgency to tell of both reality and fiction. A festival rooted in the ...
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5 Festival de Cine Creative Commons & New Media Bogotá

November 06 to 10 - 2018 / Bogotá (Colombia)

The festival brings together people interested in Free Culture, new forms of licensing creative products, and the latest narrative and technical trends in audiovisual production for the digital realm. ...
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October 29 to November 02 - 2018 / Popayán (Cauca)

The Popayan Short Film Festival was founded in 2009 with the primary goal of opening new spaces for Colombian short film. Short film production has grown rapidly in Colombia in recent years thanks to ...
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35 Festival de Cine de Bogotá

October 18 to 24 - 2018 / Bogotá

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14 FICPA - Pasto International Film Festival

October 16 to 20 - 2018 / Pasto (Nariño)

A festival full of art, grace, and a certain innocence; a window through which this city looks out at the world every year to see and be seen. This film festival in south-western Colombia invites Colo ...
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BIFF 4 - Bogotá International Film Festival

October 11 to 17 - 2018 / Bogotá

Bogota —an intellectual, young, urban, and party-lover city— will finally have a Film Festival that is in line with what the city really is. Thanks to the initiative of several representatives of C ...
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