The Fondo Mixto de Promoción Cinematográfica – PROIMAGENES COLOMBIA is a non-profit organization composed of public and private entities, created under Law 397 of 1997 (the General Law of Culture) as part of the system of science and technology activities.

PROIMÁGENES COLOMBIA seeks to consolidate and strengthen the Colombian film industry by becoming a key arena for reaching agreements on public policy and film industry policies, and for establishing rules that will bolster and promote the Colombian film industry.

Since 2003 (Law 814 of 2003), Proimágenes has administered the Film Development Fund (FDC), following the guidelines of the National Council of the Arts and Culture in Film (CNACC). It collects funds from a percentage of industry revenues and disburses them with transparency and efficiency; leads the program for the internationalization of Colombian film; organizes public calls for applications for incentive awards; coordinates support and training activities for the selected projects; and encourages future creators.

PROIMAGENES COLOMBIA strives to promote international audiovisual production in Colombia through the Colombian Film Commission, a project of the Ministry of Culture and the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, in partnership with Proimágenes Colombia.

Proimágenes is the administrator of the Colombia Film Fund, created under Law 1556 of 2012. Through the Colombia Film Fund, a cash rebate is provided to companies that carry out productions in Colombia, for 40% of expenses paid in the country for film services and 20% of expenses for hotels, food and transportation.