DIRECTOR: Natalia Santa
PRODUCER: Kiran Fernandes
PRODUCTION COMPANY: Perro de Monte Producciones
GENRE: Fiction
STATUS: Finished

Mariana is 20 years old and wants to run away. Run away from home, from her city, but above all from her mother, with whom she has a difficult relationship and whom she blames for the loss of her father. One night, the island of Malta appears to her as the promised land, the place where she can let go of everything. And while she manages to save for the trip by working in a call center, Mariana dedicates herself to hunting for men with whom she will only spend one night. In this routine, and without wanting it, Mariana finds herself involved in an unexpected relationship with a boy, and begins a journey of self-recognition that will lead her to understand that it is not possible to run away from herself.

Recipient of the Colombian Film Fund - FDC



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