7 International Film Festival in the Mountains

July 13 to 19 - 2021 / Salento, Filandia (Quindío)


For the year 2021, the international film festival in the mountains will explore in memory, in the past, in the paths of trails and mountains, that have forged the tradition of our territory and where is contained much of the history of our country. This is why we seek for our seventh version to recognize and preserve the national roads and biological and natural corridors of our vast geography. The cinema is a tool for observing, conserving and preserving nature and history.



    Calle 12 No. 6 - 43
    Barrio La Floresta
    Salento, Quindio.
    Codigo Postal: 601020

    Phone: 3137594347 - 3185907009
    E-mail: festivaldecineenlasmontanas@gmail.com