CINA on the stock exchange

Pantalla Colombia No.: 112
marzo 01 - 31 / 2022

Starting February 24 and due to Decree 1701 of 2021, which allows automatic registration in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers, the Audiovisual Investment Certificate can be traded on the Colombia Stock Exchange. This incentive comprises cinematographic works, serials, music videos, video games, animation, and advertising audiovisual productions made by foreign production companies in Colombia and has a quota of COP 280,000 million for 2022 to support audiovisual production in the country.


Created after Decree 474 of 2020, the Audiovisual Investment Certificates - CINAs (for its acronym in Spanish), administered by Proimágenes Colombia and granted by the national Government, are a tax discount of 35% on expenditures on audiovisual and logistical services of a foreign production company in the country. Since February 24, foreign audiovisual works of any genre or format, produced or post-produced totally or partially in Colombia, may apply for this benefit and trade it in the stock market or transfer it to individuals or legal entities filing income tax returns in Colombia.

Since implementing CINA, Colombia has achieved investments of almost one trillion pesos in international audiovisual productions, significantly strengthening the national industry through job creation and training of local human capital, and promoting the country as an audiovisual production hotspot in Latin America. So far, the incentive has benefited 42 projects; four feature films, nine reality shows, five series, and 14 miniseries.

It is in this context that, for the first time in the country, a cultural industry security can be traded on the Stock Exchange, thanks to Decree 1701 of 2021, which allows the automatic registration of CINAs in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers. This will make it possible for the country to continue attracting investment from international audiovisual production companies and increase the trust of national service companies. Production companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Walt Disney, MTV Networks, Telemundo, and Apple TV —in association with local production companies such as Dynamo, CMO Producciones, Ag Studios Colombia, Alibi Films, Caracol Televisión, Fox Telecolombia, Teleset, Vista Producciones, and Mediapro— have received this incentive: “By implementing the incentive of the Audiovisual Investment Certificates -CINA, Colombia has achieved a historic investment of one trillion pesos in international audiovisual productions in our country in the last two years. This has created jobs and the opportunity to train national talent for the audiovisual industry,” said Minister of Culture, Angélica Mayolo. The quota to support audiovisual production in Colombia in 2022 is 280 billion pesos, with an available balance of $249,139,597,897.

CINA is an initiative of the Colombian Film Commission, a project of Proimágenes Colombia supported by the national Government, which aims to promote the country as a destination for audiovisual production. offers an extensive directory of locations, audiovisual companies and professionals, information about incentives for the film industry, and procedures and permits required to shoot in the country.

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