Turbia and Inercia in Europe

Pantalla Colombia No.: 112
marzo 01 - 31 / 2022

The series produced by Contravía Films, Inercia Películas, and Telepacífico was the only one from Latin America partaking in the 12th edition of Series Mania, an event dedicated to television series and streaming platforms. Additionally, Inercia participated in the Atlantic Film Accelerator.


Directed by Oscar Ruiz Navia, César Acevedo, William Vega, Jorge Navas, Carlos Moreno, and Santiago Lozano; Turbia (Muddy) is a 6-episode fiction series portraying the Cali of 2023. It presents a not-too-distant future in an extreme environmental and social crisis derived from water scarcity —after a drought of several months adds to the contaminated and faded main water basins of the city. Various inhabitants carry out their daily tasks, trades, and activities amid a harsh and wild context. The city has split into two zones: a privileged one, with tough security cordons, where the wealthiest and most powerful people live; and a "dry zone" with no drinking water, where the rest of the people shelters, absolutely hit by the crisis and reaching the highest levels of violence, unhealthiness, and corruption. In the meantime, a coming rain announced in the media is disturbing all citizens.

Turbia was the only Latin American series nominated to compete in the Panorama Internacional section of Series Mania, an international festival dedicated to television series, held in March and organized by the Association du festival international des séries de Lille / Hauts-de-France. In this section, the Colombian production shared the stage with series from HBO Max, BBC, Discovery+, PBS, Arte, and Netflix, among others, at an event that every year brings together more than 72 thousand viewers and 3,000 television industry professionals.

The series, produced by Ana María Ruiz Navia, Paola Pérez Nieto and Oscar Ruiz Navia, had Juan David Velásquez as cinemaphotographer, Felipe Bravo as musical composer, and Andrés Porras y Felipe Guerrero as editors. Marcela Gómez y Daniel Rincón were in the art department while the sound was in charge of Isabel Torres and Carlos Segovia. Serena Hebenstreit, Mario Bolaños, Miguel Ángel Viera, Álvaro Rodríguez, Juan Carlos Martínez, Francia Márquez, Héctor Mejía, and Jaime Andres Castaño, among others, were part of the cast. The six directors participated in the writing process, along with Alonso Torres Arana, Genny Cuervo and Carlos Téllez.

Regarding the origin of the series and why it was created, producers state: "Turbia is a present-day and necessary series. Modern societies are threatened by their lack of awareness about environmental resources, we are sick and blind, facing a suffocating and unpromising future. Water is now traded on Wall Street, the pandemic has put distance between us and warned us about the insufficient care for natural resources and ourselves. That is why three producers and six of the most talented Colombian directors of today have proposed to create a series (...) that displays everything that can happen in a city when the water runs out and society is divided into two sides (...). The main goal of a series like Turbia is to use fiction to generate a reflection on caring for environmental resources, especially water."
Turbia's participation in Series Mania came after the project won the Design the Future Grand Prize and the award for Best Fiction Series in the latest edition of the TAL Awards, granted by the Latin American Network of Public and Cultural Channels.
Inercia Películas, one of the producers of this project, was one of the six companies —the only one from Latin America— that took part in the Atlantic Film Accelerator of the Canary Islands Audiovisual Cluster (CLAC). This initiative has boosted numerous film projects in five editions, this year it is focused on production companies.

The event, held on the island of Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), aims to help consolidate and expand the number of participating production companies at a time of remarkable change in the audiovisual industry. The Accelerator's methodology and program are based on an intensive residency format, with participatory cohabitation and face-to-face group meetings. Each morning they meet with highly-specialized and motivating industry experts, focusing on topics like financial management of a production company, international markets, processes with content platforms, and European subsidies.

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CINA on the stock exchange

Starting February 24 and due to Decree 1701 of 2021, which allows automatic registration in the National Registry of Securities and Issuers, the Audiovisual Investment Certificate can be traded on the Colombia Stock Exchange. This incentive comprises cinematographic works, serials, music videos, video games, animation, and advertising audiovisual productions made by foreign production companies in Colombia and has a quota of COP 280,000 million for 2022 to support audiovisual production in the country.
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The Bogota Audiovisual Market closed the first stage of calls for participation in its 13th edition, which will take place from June 11 to 16. At the close of this edition, it opened its second stage.