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Colombia in Clermont-Ferrand

Ten Colombian productions were part of the 45th edition of the world's most significant short film festival.
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Two projects at Next Lab Generation

Limbo and Where is my expresso? are the two Colombian entries in the event that connects art and technology in the animation industry with digital content.

Colombia stands out at Ventana Sur

The 15th edition of Latin America's most renowned audiovisual content market was held in Buenos Aires from November 28 to December 2. Colombia participated with a diverse and attractive talent and content delegation, featuring seventeen productions at different stages. Proimágenes Colombia, supported by the Film Development Fund - FDC, accompanied this promising list of projects that received various awards
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Audiovisual training in public schools

The San Sebastian Film Festival and Proimágenes Colombia began a three-year film training project with 40 students from the Grancolombiano School in Bosa, Bogotá.
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Colombia at Havana Festival

21 Colombian productions and co-productions participated in multiple sections of the 43rd edition of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana. Four of them received awards.
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Echo 3 premiere

The U.S. production, filmed in Colombia and a beneficiary of the CINA incentive, premiered on November 23 on Apple TV+.